Montana, meet Mark Wicks

Rancher. Family man. Writer. Army Reservist. Third-generation Montana.

Mark Wicks is many things. But above all he is forthright about what it will take to build a better future for our children.

“We need to cut the strings,” Wicks says. “Cut the strings that tie our major-party elected officials to corporate interests. Cut the strings that bind states so tightly to the federal government that they worry about celebrating their uniqueness. Cut the strings that tie people to dependency and bind people to cookie-cutter thinking and condemn them to cookie-cutter solutions.”

As a rancher, Wicks has honed his problem solving and analytic skills. As a writer, he has honed his communication skills. As a family man, he has honed his sense of empathy and loyalty. As your congressman, he will be a statesman with the integrity, honesty, and courage to fight for what’s right, rather than who’s is right.

This is a David-vs.-Goliath Campaign



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I’ve never run nor held a political office. I don’t speak like a politician. I don’t think like a politician. So why am I running for office?  I could give you twenty reasons, but something my father, a WWII veteran, said resonates for me. He said that he had lived in the best times America would ever have to offer.

That statement has always bothered me, and I’m worried he might be right. If we keep following the road of political correctness and denying our problems, we will not have a better America for our children. I fear we are on the same road as the Roman Empire, which toppled because of largesse, moral turpitude and shortsightedness.

We must plan better, think more, and look past emotional knee jerk reactions. We must stop runaway spending and social engineering. Control must be returned to the states and the 10th Amendment resuscitated. This country is too big and too diverse for a one-size-fits-all approach. And we deserve better. 

No, I don’t fit anyone’s mold of what a politician should be. I am bluntly honest. I look at problems from all sides and use logic, knowledge, and empathy to solve problem. I have plenty of good old Montana common sense, and the stubbornness to fight for sound government and unpopular truth when others hide in the herd.

We need a congressman who’s known hard times — hail, drought, low cattle prices, the pain of loss, the joy of building a family. A congressman who has the fortitude to stand up to powerful interests, cut through the rhetoric, and state things plainly and with conviction. I am that person. I will be a loud voice for Montana and fight for the freedom promised to us in the Constitution. I will be a statesman in a sea of politicians, a lighthouse in the fog of politics, and with your support, I will be the next U.S. congressman from Montana.