Wicks turned heads in the televised debate.

Pronounced the “refreshing” candidate, the candidate who set the debate “at ease,” and declared sound-bite winner of the night with his “work truck” analogy, Mark Wicks spoke with integrity and humor in an otherwise yawn debate. Wicks spoke from his heart and from decades of hard-earned experience as a Montana rancher. Wicks spoke about freedom.


Wicks is committed to ensuring the excellence of our schools. His four children attended public schools and he is proud of the educations they received.

Wicks is also committed to minimizing federal interference in education so that states are free to manage and innovate thriving public, alternative, and private schools. Wicks supports school choice, believing that parents know their children best and should be free to choose among quality alternatives.




Wick’s top priority is curbing the federal budget to cut our national debt. We are $20 trillion in debt and pay $14,000 in interest every second. If we don’t start cutting the budget, every program will be in jeopardy, even core federal responsibilities like national defense.

Every businessman knows that you can only mismanage your business for so long before you either go broke or the banker calls in your loans.  A country as large as ours has never defaulted on its debt before. If we continue down this road of spending and borrowing, it is not only our own programs and people who will suffer, but the entire world economy that depends upon us.


As a constitutional libertarian, Wicks believes the federal government has no constitutional authority to require people to buy health insurance. As a congressman, he would vote to rollback the Affordable Care Act. Left in place, it will continue devastating the health care sector and the business sector.




Wicks knows that for far too many retirees, Social Security is the only retirement funds they will receive. “For many farmers and ranchers,” Wicks says, “it is the only way they can retire and pass the farm down to the next generation.”

That is why his highest priority as a congressman is reducing the debt to keep Social Security stable for this generation and the next. Social security is not a handout. You paid for it, you deserve to get it!



As a farmer and rancher, Wicks cares about the land and wants to manage it to get the most benefit from it now while preserving it for future generations. He’s appalled by the conditions our forests are in, and believes we need to manage our forests to keep them healthy. “Logging burned and beetle kill timber is just good management,” Wicks says. “If the federal government isn’t going to manage our lands well, Montana can and should.

Wicks believes in using conservation easements when government land is sold to private individuals to keep it available for recreation. He also cherishes our National Parks and Wilderness Areas. “If you hear some environmental group claim that Mark Wicks wants to sell off Glacier National Park or the Bob Marshall Wilderness you can call them liars,” Wicks says. “I will stand on the front lines to protect our state’s treasures.”